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KENOR ASIA has been established in 1998 to use the optimize potential of Iranian engineers in oil and gas projects to the potentially growing local and regional markets. KENOR ASIA main objective was and is to create a professional team to use of technologies from the internationally well-known companies in the world and use them in Iran for domestic Industries to supply and operate required equipment. KENOR ASIA activities in south East Asia caused to expand its business relations with oil and gas industries manufactures and it was able to prove itself as a competent business partner. All these help KENOR ASIA to supply all needed materials from well-known manufactures and main brand regardless of existing difficulties. KENOR ASIA supply the best quality of chemical mud drilling besides oil and gas pipes and fittings. Our continued cooperation and years’ experience with the world's leading manufactures make more abilities and facilities to supply the best quality equipment. KENOR ASIA managers decided to continue their current activities in IRAN and Middle East besides the overseas activities. KENOR ASIA is confident to provide quality products from well-known manufacturers and suppliers that has worked closely with them during its activity, it was decided to work as their sole agent in concentrating on the project currently undertaken in Iran and Middle East.

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