To satisfy growing energy demand, we need to address several challenges — the increasing complexity of oil and gas production, the need to protect people, environment and devices, and the search for greater energy efficiency, Innovation is the only way to meet all of these challenges at the same time. That’s why it is a priority at Kenor Asia. We believe that it’s impossible for any organization to have all the best ideas, and we attempt to collaborate with experts and entrepreneurs everywhere who share our passion to solve some of the world’s and local most pressing issues. So we are now interdependent ecosystem combining universities, start-ups, and industrial partners and we use customer focus, imagination, courage, expertise, and clear thinking to be guided. Kenor Asia’s approach to open innovation is helping to address customer needs more efficiently and effectively and adding value and strengthen the competitive position of our customers. Kenor Asia R&D Group is a consulting and training firm that specializes in developing innovative commercialization programs that “drive results” for our clients.

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