Drilling Fluid Additives

In oil exploration, drilling and all other processes, a variety of chemicals are employed, including mineral products (such as bentonite, etc.), natural products (such as starch), inorganic products (e.g. zinc carbonate) and special chemical products (such as polymers and surfactants). Kenor Asia is Drilling Fluids manufacturer of Specialty Drilling Fluids from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction and completion. An extensive range of fluid additives in response to our customers’ need provides drilling fluids, products and onsite support for the following applications: • Foaming agents and detergents • Lubricants & cutting oils • Viscosifier • Specialty products • Flocculants and dispersants • Treating chemicals • Weighting materials • Clay and shale stabilizer • Cement and grouting additives • Commercial chemicals • Fluid loss control agents • Displacement plug
Code Name
D-01 Flocculant
D-02 Mud-acid Corrosion Inhibitor
D-03 Bactericides
D-04 Clay Stabilizer
D-05 Pour Point Depressant
D-06 Fluoboric Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
D-08A Anti-Swelling/Sand Control Agent
D-08B High Temperature Sand Control Agent
D-09 Acidizing Mutual Solvent
D-10A Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
D-10B High Effect Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
D-11A Cleanup Additive
D-11B High Temperature Cleanup Additive
D-12A Iron Ion Stabilizer
D-12B Polyacid Iron Ion Stabilizer
D-13 Crude Oil Cleaner
D-14 Scale Remover
D-15 Chemical Cleaning Agent
D-16 Surfactant
D-17A High Molecule Reverse Demulsifier
D-17B Polymer Reverse Demulsifier
D-17C Compound Reverse Demulsifier
D-18 Agent for Increasing Heavy Oil Production
D-19 Demulsifier
D-20 Compound Cementing Agent for Sands
D-21 Acidizing Retarding Agent
D-22 Thickener
D-23 High-temperature Foaming Agent
D-24 Acidifying Temporary Plugging Agent
D-25A Fracturing Drag Reducer
D-25B Pipeline Drag Reducer
D-26 Micelle Agent
D-27 Oil Based Paraffin Inhibitor
D-28 Water Based Paraffin Inhibitor
D-29 Organic Boron Cross linker
D-30 Microcapsule Gel Breaking Agent
D-31 Low Temperature Gel Breaker Agent
D-32 Water Locking Damage Treatment
D-33 Wetting Reversal Agent
D-34 Anti-sludging Agent
D-35 Biocide
D-36 Water Stabilizer
D-37 Oxygen Scavenger
D-38 Water Injection Corrosion Inhibitor
D-39 Oil Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor
D-40 Pipeline Corrosion Inhibitor
D-41 High-Effect Water Stabilizer
D-42 Coating Agent
D-43A Fluid Loss Additive
D-43B Phenolic Resin Fluid Loss Additive
D-43C High Temperature Fluid Loss Additive
D-44 Clean Fracturing Fluid
D-45 Water-Based Lubricant Anti-Sloughing Agent
D-46 Foaming Agent
D-47 Amine Corrosion Inhibitor
D-48 Basic Zinc Carbonate Corrosion Inhibitor
D-49 Aluminum Stearate Defoamer
D-50 Polyether Defoamer
D-51 Silicone Defoamer
D-52 Solid Emulsifier
D-53 Primary Emulsifier(EMP)
D-54 Second Emulsifier(EMS)
D-55 Rheology Modifier
D-56 Ester Based Lubricant
D-57 HTHP Lubricant (High Temperature High Pressure)
D-58 Viscosifier
D-59 Wetting Agent
D-60 Displacing Agent
D-61 High Molecule Emulsion Coating Inhibitor
D-62 Strong Coating Inhibitor
D-63 Fluosilicic Viscosity Reducer
D-64 High Effect Lubricant
D-65 Solid Lubricant
D-66 Liquid Lubricant
D-67 Lost Circulation Additives
D-68 Drilling Tool Corrosion Inhibitor
D-69 Wellbore Corrosion Inhibitor
D-70 Tenary Scale Inhibitor
D-71 Dirty Oil Emulsifier
D-72 Unidirectional Pressure Sealers
D-73 Asphalt Dispersant
D-74 Hot Washing Additive
D-75 Hot Washing Paraffin Remover
D-76 Compound Defoamer
D-77 High Temperature Stabilizer
D-78 Acid/Oil Resistant Foaming Agent
D-79 Well Killing Fluid Bactericide
D-80 Organic Soil for Oil-based Drilling Fluid
D-81 Paraffin Inhibitor
D-82 Crude Oil Pour Point Depressant
D-83 Viscous Oil Viscosity Reducer
D-84 Cementing Mud Retarder
D-85 Cementing Mud Dispersant
D-86 Cementing Mud Fluid Loss Agent
Code Name
R-01 Composed High Effect Corrosion Inhibitor
R-02 Oil Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor
R-03 High Temperature Inhibitor
R-04 Hydrogenation Corrosion Inhibitor
R-05 Neutralization Film-forming Inhibitor
R-06 Sodium Polysulfide Corrosion Inhibitor
R-07 Delayed Coking Corrosion Inhibitor
R-08 No-silicon High-effect Defoamer
R-09 Low-silicon Defoamer
R-10 Hydrocracking Anti-scale Agent
R-11 Oil Sludge Anti-scale Agent
R-12 Anti-coking and Anti-scale Agent for Delayed Coking
R-13 Residuum Oil Anti-scale Agent
R-14 Multipurpose Improver for Catalytic Cracking Unit
R-15 Metal Passivation Agent for Catalytic Cracking Unit
R-16 Mercapfining Activating Agent
R-17 Composite Desulfurizing Agent
R-18 Crude Oil Composite Demulsifying Agent
R-19 High Effect Organochlorine Transfer Agent
R-20 Diesel Pour Point and Filter Point Depressant
R-21 Ferrous Sulfide Flame Retardant Agent
R-22 Sour Water Stripping Corrosion Inhibitor
R-23 Hydrogenation Air Cooling Corrosion Inhibitor
R-24 Vacuum Gas Oil FCC Catalyst
R-25 Blending Residue FCC Catalyst
R-26 Residue FCC Catalyst
R-27 FCC Propylene Promoter
R-28 FCC Octane Number Promoter
R-29 Zeolite NaY

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